game-based profiling

Analyzing FLIGBY’s Immense Data Set – video interview

Game-based profiling: Analyzing FLIGBY’s user data – What are the most interesting findings?

The growing demand for experiential learning is paving the way for gamified leadership development programs. FLIGBY is a serious game software with an interactive movie design. It offers the user a choice about which direction a given segment may proceed. The scenario-based approach used by FLIGBY is a proven method to improve critical thinking skills. The lessons are built around a series of progressively complex workplace assignments or situations. FLIGBY allows players to practice responses to challenging business conditions in a realistically designed virtual learning space while keeping them safe from their decisions’ expensive (and sometimes irreversible) consequences.

FLIGBY‘s game-based profiling offers a unique research opportunity because the players’ leadership game-based profiling based on non-intrusive observations, yielding unbiased outcomes.

An interview by Dr. Zoltan Buzady, FLIGBY’s Academic Director, with Mark Wilson, Business Analytics Data Expert & MBA.

  • What makes the FLIGBY data set unique and why is it interesting?
  • What was discovered by analyzing thousands of players’ data sets?
  • Do the players’ background and out-of-game choice affect in-game outcome?
  • How are FLIGY simulation goals & results related to leadership skills, gender, age, and nationality? And how is this relevant for predictive HR analytics?
  • Is the innovative methodology of FLIGBY’s non-intrusive observation of 29 leadership skills really reliable and independent?
  • Does motivation and curiosity towards learning about Flow actually improve the players’ leadership skills?
  • Why is FLIGBY’s data set really unique?

FLIGBY is really both a game and also a simulation! Based on my expert experience of many years in business and in NGOs, FLIGBY hits some personal nerves, because I have experienced all the organizational situations in the plot! So simulation is a very good way to describe FLIGBY!

Watch here (6 mins.)