Oldie but Goldie!

View the concise key-note presentation about Flow-promoting Leadership Development via FLIBGY Professor Csikszentmihalyi’s official program. Presented at the IBM, SEE #BusinessConnect event by our Academic Director, Dr. Zoltan Buzady Ph.D. May The #Flow Be With You!

#RunningFlow RE-Loaded

#RunningFlow news: Will Leonidas of Rhodes, a Triastes (#overachiever) of the Olympiads in 164BC, 160BC, 156BC and 152BC, who won in each of these three different foot races, remain a #champion next year in #Tokyoy2020 #Tokyo2021? “The three events at which he triumphed were the Stadion, a sprint of roughly 200m; the Diaulos, which was twice the…