How to become a real PRO in Flow-promoting Leadership?

Dear Colleagues, Partners, and Friends!

(1) I am sharing with you now the ESSENCE Flow-promoting Leadership Theory in a concise, edited webinar-video (56 Minutes).

YouTube Video: Flow-promoting Leadership via Fligby webinar with Talent Flow/Lika Nozadze, Dr.Zoltan Buzady and #FLIGBY, the Leadership Video-Simulation Game!

(2) After it you will be highly interested in finding out about your own leadership skills portfolio too!

(3) You will wish to become a real PRO in Flow-leadership via FLIGBY, Prof. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s official Leadership Development Program!

(4) We invite you to contact your local FLIGBY training partner, or me.

(5) May the FLOW be with you!

Dr. Zoltan Buzady
Associate Professor of Leadership
Academic Director, Leadership & Flow Global Research Network