What Flow-Leadership Skills?

Excerpt from the “Missing Link Discovered” book


A key task in order to build scientific measures relating to Flow-based leadership personalities and competencies was identifying the management/leadership skills that facilitate the creation and maintenance of a Flow-based organizational culture.

The producers of FLIGBY did just that, in cooperation with Prof. Csikszentmihalyi. His Good Business book, and the many interviews that supported its findings, mention – but do not categorize – a range of leadership skills relevant for promoting Flow.


It is important to stress that approximately 25 of the 29 skills are by and large those that can be found in most theoretical and empirical descriptions of what leadership is about, along with the skill-classification systems that often accompany those theories and descriptions. This, of course, is what one would expect as a matter of course. Generating Flow is not something that is apart from those well-known practices that good managers/leaders are expected to follow as a matter of course.

In terms of managerial-leadership skills, the modest contribution of the FLIGBY-leadership-competency-skillset is adding four competencies that other classifications tend to emphasize less – or define somewhat differently than we do — but which are also important, along with the many standard leadership competencies, in helping to generate Flow.

The newly-emphasized skills are:

  • Balancing skill;
  • Feedback;
  • Applying personal strengths;
  • Strategic thinking.


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