Playing for the second time

Following our earlier announcement, we will regularly post for you some short reports about what your fellow FLIGBY players report to us on their personal leadership development learning and development journey with this outstanding psychometric edugame.

Prof. Zoltan Buzady introduced FLIGBY to us on our international exchange program course on Decision Making Science at Corvinus University. The first round of game play was part of our formal grading and we had to write a personal learning blog, this was so modern and cool!

But I had strong personal motivation for playing FLIGBY for the second time again: it was to take another approach to the game, with the knowledge that I gained from playing the game and reading overall about flow. The first time I played, I made some decision in the game, without regards to the consequences in terms of Flow. I then tried to reshape some decisions, according to the Flow concept and at the same time tried to keep consistency. That is something that Mr. Fligby has repeated to me in some feedbacks the first time I played, I was not consistent in my decisions. I also tried to follow the planned company strategy more strictly to see where that would lead me. Again I am not satisfied with all the decisions I took.

I got closer to satisfaction but would try, when I find the time, to replay the game again. Being more consistent, and listening better to the employees, revealed to me some better decisions that I didn’t see at first. I also notice that I let myself be led by frustration at times when I played the game first.

Playing FLIGBY again, helped me overcome the frustration, to keep a clear vision and focus on the goal of the game: FLOW. Thank you for this learning opportunity, it was so much fun also!

Dzenana Tiganj 

International student at the Corvinus University of Budapest; Master in Marketing Management (final year student). Planning to do an MBA in a Scandinavian Country; Planning a career as Entrepreneur or potentially Business Manager (currently no specific industry); Writing my thesis work about Start-up businesses in the Men’s Cosmetic Market; Part-time working as Business Manager for the Men’s Skincare Start-up Company SA.AL&CO 

Languages: Luxembourgish, Serbo/Croatian, English, German, French