Serious Games in Trend, in East & West!

The Financial Times now reports also what our team at #FLIGBY has been proposing, offering and delivering for years: #SeriousGaming is in Trend!

Following the pioneering work 100 years ago done by Harvard Business School, now all Business Schools use the learning dynamics and interactivity of teaching with the case study method.

At this point let us proud that Dr. Zoltan Buzady, Director of our ‘Leadership & Flow Global Research Network’ (see: ) is the only person who has won TWICE the global case writing award by CEEMAN management development association and Emerald Publishing.

The latest educational trend shows high demand for #Executive #RolePlay. The traditional executive education market is mature, crowded and it is difficult for providers to find growth. Which is why standing out with more sophisticated #SeriousGames, such as #FLIGBY, could be just enough to keep you in the game.

An ideal opportunity arises soon to discover more about the latest trends in #education #technology & #leadershipdevelopment: Dr. Zoltan Buzady will be a special guest at EdCrunch, Moscow, October 1&2.

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#дапребудетстобойпоток!Золтан Бузады – коллега и напарник Михайи Чиксентмихайи, автора концепции «Поток». В рамках Pre-day #EdCrunch2018 Zoltan Buzady поделится инструментами развития потокового состояния в команде, используя игру FLIGBY, развивающую «лидерство в потоке» в более чем 100 компаниях по всему миру.29 и 30 сентября в Москве.Количество участников ограничено. Билеты доступны по ссылке:

Közzétette: EdCrunch – 2018. július 31., kedd

EdCrunch is one of the largest conferences in Europe in the field of new educational technologies.



Концепция «Потока», разработанная Михаем Чиксентмихайи, – одна из самых известных теорий 21 века. Как достичь потокового состояния в повседневных делах или напряженных рабочих буднях? Разберемся на воркшопе в рамках Pre-day #EdCrunch2018 с одним из сооснователей концепции.29 и 30 сентября в Москве.Количество участников ограничено. Билеты доступны по ссылке:

Közzétette: EdCrunch – 2018. július 30., hétfő

Our colleague Prof. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the world-famous founder of positive psychology, global best-seller author and discoverer of #FLOW and Dr. Zoltan Buzady have been invited to this intellectual, business and educational #knowledge-sharing event to:

* deliver a special workshop on Flow-promoting Leadership Development for corporates and HR Directors &

* give a keynote speech on business applications of #FLIGBY as a training tool and leadership skills management, the official development program and global #1-award-winning &

* offer networking possibilities for education partners, corporate clients and future local training partners for #FLIGBY.

If you, your relevant colleague or any other professional contact are interested in receiving more info about our top-rated leadership development solution, pls contact me or see: or just watch our 2 minute YouTube Trailer – really cool!