The Psychology of “What If” – ‘Well done Zoltan!’, I told myself!

Going back in time, or “counter-factual” thinking, can have mixed outcomes.

“Sometimes when we look back, we think about how things could have been better:

  • If only I had gotten that part in that play when I was in high school… then I would have gotten into that great theater program at the Ivy League school and then…
  • When my boyfriend in college transferred to a school across the country, he and I were through. I really wish that never happened—my life would be so much better if I were still with him…
  • I wish had taken that other job instead of this one when I was in my 20s. I have no idea what I was thinking. My life would be 100% better now if only I had done so…

We call this “upward” counterfactual thinking (see Studer, 2016), and it can be pretty depressing.”

More here:

If you, just like me, tend to travel back in time and look back at some of your major life decisions, like me, then you might find this brief article enlightening.
I instantly had a number of very positive, new ideas and feelings! ‘Well done Zoltan!’, I told myself!
I will also use this perspective as a new training tool on my upcoming debriefing sessions of #FLIGBY, the official Flow-promoting Leadership Development Game

Have a look at the article, explore our award-winning training solution & MAY the FLOW be with YOU!

Dr. Zoltan Buzady
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