The most important job skill?

Have you ever came across with high IQ, but basically zero EQ (Emotional Intelligence) co-workers or customer service representatives? Have you ever wondered why IQ, school performance or past work experience takes precedent in hiring or promotion decisions, rather than EQ?

If we look around, it is hard not to recognize that a complete generation has grown up using technology and information tools and they are perfectly comfortable with it. This new generation is using virtual environment to socialize, connect, have fun or even to study.

Even though this generation has mastered on one end with technology, they are less advanced in dealing with real life personal relations, qualities more and more companies’ would need.

As contrary to what most would think, no technology can replace human interactions. Just think of a case, when you called a customer service and you were directed to talk to a machine. No matter how sophisticated or fun a robot might be, still by the end it will never leave you with the same level of satisfaction than having a real conversation with a real person turning to you with empathy, having awareness for your feelings, needs and concerns.

Some of the best performing, leading service provider companies, like Google have already recognized this together with the fact that the most successful leaders today poses more than outstanding academic performance or high IQ.

What distinguishes the best leaders from average are their qualities based on emotional intelligence. These abilities are the ones building and keeping personal and social relationships alive. The engines of the most successful companies are workers, who can connect with the customers or co-workers and can build strong business and customer relationships.

But what is EQ and how to measure it in a way that fits the most the new generation needs?

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EQ is not a single number, but a combination of several, different, learnt personal qualities: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. On-line games, and virtual environments like FLIGBY have great potential in teaching these skills in a playful way. With the use of FLIGBY you can measure the combination of these skills, and you can quickly master in EQ.

Ask yourself the question: do you know your own or your employees’ level of emotional intelligence? The good news is that it is never too late to find it out and improve it in a playful way!

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(The author of this entry is Esztella Fazekas, member of the Leadership & Flow Research Team)