The concept of Flow not only originates from but now also inspires young artists

“FLOW” from Menno Wisselink is an inspiring 3 minutes art-video.

He writes:

“My graduation project is a short movie about the feeling Flow. I started judo when I was 5 years old. From that time I experienced moments were time would stand still, and at the same, flies by. Moments of total joy and intense happiness. Such a moment in which everything is correct, is called “flow”When we experience flow we really feel what it is to live. We’re completely open, we are very strong and very vulnerable. We feel totally free, not restricted by all kinds of forces. In this state of inner happiness all kinds of beautiful and good things just flows into our lives. We are in a blissful state.

My graduation film also is about flow. It is an animated film about 2-3 minutes where I show how athletes come into a flow and experiences a flow. I made a collection of tons of great found footage (and when needed; shot some myself), manipulated the images by using VFX or drawing. More info & BTS about this project: Graduation project @HKU – Image & Media Technology (IMT) 2014-2015″