Exploring the Impact of a Serious Game in the Academic Success of Entrepreneurship Students

By: Almeida, F., & Buzady, Z. (2023).
In: Journal of Educational Technology Systems, 0(0). https://doi.org/10.1177/00472395231153187

Abstract: This study presents mainly practical implications for higher education institutions that offer courses in the entrepreneurship field, and that intend to promote the develop-
ment of soft skills competencies in their students. Serious games are increasingly present in higher education and many researchers are reflecting on how to use them in the development and training of new skills. However, an unexplored area is the analysis of the impact that serious games have on students’ academic performance in an entrepreneurship course. In this sense, this study simultaneously seeks to explore the impact of the use of a serious game, titled FLIGBY, on the development of hard and soft skills through the use of a mixed methods approach, in which quantitative and qualitative methods are combined by adopting the convergent parallel design model. The findings did not allow us to establish a correlation between the parameters assessed in the FLIGBY and the students’ academic performance. However, it was possible to identify several benefits in the development of soft skills with potential impact on the students’ academic and professional careers.

Keywords: serious game, FLIGBY, assessment, evaluation, mixed methods, higher education, hard skills, soft skills.

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