Compilation of Game-Based Learning Journals

This blog entry is from our guest author: Michael Sutton (Game-Based Learning Innovator & Architect)

My quest for high quality research associated with Game-Based Learning, Simulations, Serious Games, Gamification, Virtual Reality, Immersive Learning, etc. has been quite a challenge. In attempting to scour the Inet looking for useful material, I have complied a definitive list of journal SOURCEs, current to Dec. 31, 2016.

I am sharing this with my readers in the hope that:

  1. You will find this information very useful.
  2. This information will save you significant time and resources.
  3. If I have missed any journal, you will update me on the title, URL, and description so I can keep this resource up-to-date.

The original list was almost 25 MS-Word pages. Thus, for the purposes of the LinkedIn Pulse Blog, I had to break up the material into 3 parts. The original document is downloadable from SlideShare and appears as a document on my LinkedIn Profile. The journals are in alphabetical order by title, with all articles ignored. Any errors introduced into the descriptions are mine, although I relied upon a cut/paste from each website. The document begins with an overall alphabetical list of the journal titles, followed by detailed information associated with each journal. The description of each journal is copyright of that journal, and repeated here for utility.

A follow-on document will be published in the new year that will contain detailed information associated with conference proceedings and occasional publications relating to these topics. I think the availability of this tool is timely and necessary. Help me keep it up-to-date.

Journal title list:

Check out the full list here!