Assessment of Entrepreneurship Competencies Through the Use of FLIGBY

By:  Zoltán Buzády (Corvinus University of Budapest, Budapest, Hungary) and Fernando Almeida (Polytechnic Institute of Gaya, Porto, Portugal)  In: Digital Education Review, 35, 151-169. (19 Pages) Download here.

ABSTRACT: Serious games are increasingly being used as an innovative tool for developing entrepreneurial skills, such as strategic management, leadership, communication, negotiation, or decision making. FLIGBY is a serious game that was initially developed with the objective of simulating the business management process and the application of Flow theory in a business context. However, most recently it has been suggested that serious games in general, and FLIGBY in particular, can be used in other contexts, namely in the development of entrepreneurial skills. In this sense, this study tries to verify if the competencies developed and evaluated in FLIGBY on the Master Analytics Profiler (MAP) can be used to evaluate the entrepreneurial capacities of the students in the context of the course of entrepreneurship in a higher education institution. The findings indicate that the performance of these students in FLIGBY is very similar to the benchmark with only small oscillations. However, some asymmetries emerged considering the educational and professional experience, such that the students of the management course showed better business-oriented thinking and IT students revealed greater time-management skills. Finally, professional experience has proved to be relevant for making decisions about stress and for the completion of managerial tasks successfully.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship; Learning; Assessment; Serious Games; Flow; FLIGBY