Why baby-boomers need some little help on being creative? Or actually not really!

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To be more creative and to be really original – is often requested for remaining personally competitive in modern organizational life. But in my observations as a leadership developer is that this is really hard for the baby-boomer generation: when they were small their parents typically nurtured them into being more cautious, being smart but safe, and not to standout just for its own sake, but rather to align themselves preferably at the upper end of the rankings. Now for this reason they often appreciate some little support & tips on being creative and original. Then they can use their awareness and self-leadership to achieve the desired changes.
But being effectively and efficiently creative requires to be able to strike the right balance between opposite forces/ends/dimensions, you name it.
Luckily they were their upbringing trained them well in exploring intuitively those limiting other aspects:

  1. One cannot make a future on having just one big idea!
  2. The others will be judging how big your ideas are, not you!
  3. Show respect to senior people and positions, they can have great ideas too!
  4. It is always necessary also to think for yourself, not just in your great group!
  5. Implementing good ideas takes some time, and not only enthusiasm!
  6. Even if an idea seems superb, think twice and critically, will it really work?


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