Use of Serious Games for Analysing Leadership Skills for Promoting Flow at the Workplace (in Hungarian)

Original title: A munkahelyi flow-állapot elősegítő vezetői képességek elemzése a komoly játék eszközével

By: Zoltán Buzády, Ágnes Wimmer,  Anita Csesznák, Peter Szentesi at Corvinus University of Budapest
In: Vezetéstudomány (Management Science) DOI:

This article explores the human aspect of leadership according to the principles outlined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s seminal work, Flow Theory. Focusing on 29 leadership skills, in particular, those which enable Flow at the workplace. The authors demonstrate the role of innovative and serious games in leadership development: through a series of complex management decisions made in the virtual reality game, participants gain deeper insights into their skill sets, experience the consequences of their decisions, and enhance their personal competitiveness. The novelty of their research lies in analyzing the relationship of the flow-promoting (strategic thinking, feedback, recognition of personal strengths, and balancing skills) and other leadership skills. The analysis is based on hundreds of Hungarian observations from the unique database accumulated over the past decade in FLIGBY®, a serious game that was specifically developed to measure and develop leadership skills, so as to further the promotion of Flow in the workplace.

Keywords: flow theory, leadership skills, serious games, competitiveness, leadership development

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