The ‘Happiness Game’ of ‘Good Leadership’ – Liszt Institute Brussels

An interactive workshop on Flow, Leadership and Serious Game FLIGBY

Date: 8 JuneTime: 18:00Venue: Liszt Institute Brussels
10 Treurenberg, 1000 Brussels‘happiness-game’-of-good-leadership

In the framework of the Belgian Club of Hungarian Scientists:

The ‘Happiness Game’ of Good Leadership
– An interactive workshop on Flow, Leadership and Serious Game FLIGBY –

Presented by:
Dr. (habil.) Zoltan Buzady
Associate Professor, Corvinus University of Budapest
Academic Director, Leadership & Flow Global Research Network

Welcome by Dr. Tamás Iván Kovács, Ambassador of Hungary to Belgium, Brussels

Organized and hosted by the Director of the Institute, Natália Oszkó-Jakab M.B.A., & Dr. Edit Szepessy, Chair of the Belgian Club of Hungarian Scientists and Policy Coordinator – Strategic Planning and Policy at the European Commission.

Dr. Zoltan Buzady is an Associate Professor of Leadership Development at the Corvinus University of Budapest in Hungary. He is known for his research on Flow theory and its application in leadership, team-building, and organizational development. As core faculty member he served many years as MBA Director at Central European University and previously at Corvinus University, a regular teacher at international business school, a trainer and executive coach – winner of the 2022-2023 Team Teaching Excellence Award.

As Research Director of the Leadership & Flow Global Research Network and Academic Ambassador of FLIGBY, which is Prof. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s official Flow-promoting Leadership Development Program.

‘FLIGBY (Flow Is Good Business for You)’ is a global-award-winning serious game developed with immersive, and interactive video technology for conveying the Flow experience to managers and leaders. He has won also awards for his pedagogical innovation which is used by many top business schools and on training programs for 12000+ leaders of organizations, ministries and corporations.

Buzady has published numerous articles and book chapters on leadership and management, including his book “Missing Link Discovered – Planting Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow Theory in Modern Management Practice via FLIGBY the Official Leadership Development Serious Game,” which presents a new approach to management that combines the principles of Flow theory with practical tools and techniques for achieving sustainable organizational change.

In addition to his academic work, Buzady is also a consultant and trainer, working with organizations to develop leadership skills, build high-performing teams, and improve organizational effectiveness. He has worked with a range of organizations, including multinational corporations, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies.

Overall, Zoltan Buzady is a respected expert in the fields of organizational psychology, leadership, and management, and his work has made significant contributions to our understanding of how to create high-performing, sustainable organizations.

During our interactive workshop, you will learn about the basics of Happiness studies and “Being in the Zone”. You will gain first-hand tips and principles of how to find Flow in your private life and in your organizational / work life. You will discover 29 leadership skills that lay the foundation of the leadership values along the “Good Business”-principles. Last but not least you will be involved in sample leadership decision ion dilemma scenes of courtesy of FLIGBY (, our research partner.

May the Flow be with You!

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