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Call-for-Reading: [Informatics] Special Issue “Gamification and Advanced Technology to Enhance Motivation in Education”

Our article “FLIGBY – A Serious Game Tool to Enhance Motivation and Competencies in Entrepreneurship” (2019)” in the Special Issue “Gamification and Advanced Technology to Enhance Motivation in Education” has now been published also in the open-access format of the Journal: Informatics (ISSN 2227-9709), published by MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland.

All articles can be accessed freely online.

Buzady, Z.; Almeida, F. FLIGBY—A Serious Game Tool to Enhance Motivation
and Competencies in Entrepreneurship. Informatics 2019, 6(3), 27;
Views: 2037, Downloads: 887, Citations: 0, Altmetrics: 3

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Dr. Zoltan Buzady

Associate Professor of Leadership, Corvinus University of Budapest
Academic Ambassador and Director, Leadership & Flow Global Research Network

Other contributions:

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