Learning Leadership from a Serious Simulation Game – Online Coaching Best Practice

Let us re-share with you the post by Nina Trankova, Global Expert in Digital Communications Skills, Official Google+ Create Lead-Member and Top Contributor:

“That might sound strange from a person who never played computer games at all.”

The 100% individual result for such a short time (the global average time is 7h) and the metrics of the benchmark report (10000+ players worldwide) from playing FLIGBY with the nicely set up scenario located at Californian winery business is a definite a BIG YES for playing (and paying) this game.

I did this game in a – maybe too short- quick run version (3hrs and 29mins) https://lnkd.in/eM38Ybd .

Then my personal debriefing coach and mentor Dr. Zoltan Buzady, Director of the ‘Leadership and Flow Global Research Network’ we did a live-streamed individual coaching session (in total 39:00min) about skills analysis. HERE is the Short Version. Co-host was Professor in Leadership Zoltan Buzady has gone through the FLIGBY metrics for identifying 29 best leadership and management skills based on 150 business decisions made during the simulation game in the first round. I’ve added my top five skills on the thumbnail of the video. 

Players have access for 180 days, so during the next half year:

I will be playing it again –

To Learn and To Enjoy – To be in Flow and to Lead!

On the following round, I’ll be improving one of the metrics, corporate climate, expecting exciting rewards and more top skills identified. 

Stay tuned for our next event and coaching session soon. ——— This event is powered by FLIGBY’s METRIX Global Benchmarking Report and is on the program of my (Nina Trankova’s) Google+ “On e Board” Community collaboration on Google+.

Find more references on her site: https://lnkd.in/gBQBHYV Photo:  Individual Metrics Report  #Trend2018 #Leadership #Skills


Nina Trankova