Flow Leadership in Business – The optimal experience

One might think that it’s possible to put together a super team just by choosing individuals who represent great skills. But they forget, that after a while individuals do bring their own personality and their personal style to the group work.  For example, one person is particularly keen on time management, the next one on values and quality, the third one being active and get some action done. Without ensuring that all these people work individually to achieve a common goal (mission), and that they can bring the best out of themselves while not hurting others, it’s not possible of practicing flow-promoting leadership.

Flow-promoting leadership ensures that everyone within a team can experience flow time to time at work and can bring the best out of themselves while growing and improving as an individual and also as a team member. Those leaders who promote flow, are more sociable, and able to bring out more creativity from their colleagues which results in increased productivity as well.

Listen to Dr. Zoltan Buzady explaining how flow-promoting leadership can enhance the happiness and productivity at workplaces and how FLIGBY – this #1 award-winning serious game – can help understanding, incorporating and applying this concept.