Exploring the role of a serious game in developing competencies in higher tourism education

By Fernando Almeida, Zoltan Buzady, Ana Ferro

In: Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education (Scimago rating: Q2) Volume 29, November 2021, 100347

Higher education institutions are looking for new educational models that encourage actions that contribute to the transformation of society. In the development of these competencies, the active methodologies assume a relevant role. This study addresses this challenge and explores the adoption of a serious game as an active methodology in the development of competencies for the labor market in the tourism sector. The study uses a mixed-methods methodology in which student performance is measured according to 18 indicators and the perception of the development of these competencies is complemented by the adoption of semi-structured interviews.


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Keywords: leadership, management, transformational, tourism, serious game, development