Data Collection

Gamifying the Data Collection


The “Leadership & Flow” Program is innovative because it gamifiesactive participation in the research process. The data to be analyzed is obtained from the results of those who have completed playing the award-winning online leadership game, FLIGBY.

Serious Game is a kind of digital application whose primary objective is not entertainment but the enhancement of certain skills and self-knowledge.

FLIGBY is the official Flow-program for decision-makers by Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and ALEAS Simulations. FLIGBY’s leadership development program combines video-game learning experience with benchmark-based competence assessment.

The competitive advantage of a using FLIGBY is that it maintains the respondents’ motivation at a high level throughout the game – thus players enjoy what they are doing. This contributes greatly to the reliability and relevance of the results.


FLIGBY – The Official Flow Program for Decision Makers


FLOW is Good Business™ („FLIGBY®”) is the ultimate leadership online simulation game in the world of serious games. Developed over 3 years by an international team (incl. Prof. Csikszentmihalyi) with an investment of $1 million, the FLIGBY simulation focuses on the managerial challenges of the imaginary (but fully realistic) Turul Winery in California.

The simulation helps discover Flow in simple steps: first by understanding the role of Flow, the joy and positive business outcomes it provides, then by showing you ways to facilitate it. As a result of the learning process, players will improve their skills and become more successful leaders. The simulation tests leadership skills, provides a unique Flow-based self-assessment opportunities and guides the player on a path towards optimizing a “Flow-Centric” corporate culture.

The leadership style of the former manager of Turul has destroyed the spirit of the management team that used to be cohesive. You are the newly appointed manager, whose task as a player is to build a well functioning team out of the poorly-motivated, mid-level managerial group.

The aim is to try to bring as many colleagues as possible – even if just for a short time – into a Flow state, by making small and not-so-small decisions, with a view toward improving Turul Winery’s key performance indicators. The game keeps track of your multi-dimensional achievement scores, which are available automatically during the game.

In 2012, FLIGBY won Gold Medal of the „International Serious Play Awards” in the category of Corporate Games in Seattle. With the panel of experts selected FLIGBY as the best digital game made for managers.