Let me tell you… about the CIRCLE OF FLOW

Let me tell you an important essence: Leadership development is the foundation for overcoming any of your current problems and for realizing future projects!

We know about the mechanics of the concept of being in Flow works, in fact, it is not just a theory but a real, observable, and reproducible phenomenon! Flow, the optimal mental state, is the one in which people perform above their usual average, they are internally motivated to overcome the burdens and difficulties and become creative (not just following their routines!)

Well… artists know this, of course. And this is why they first practice before their peak performance.

So why is it that so many business people think that “they do not need any practice in order to perform at their best-self?”

Instead, I suggest keeping your saw sharp!
Find your Flow in leading people and thus better master complexity!

Dr. Zoltan Buzady