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Flow and Creativity, Leadership and Management, Science and Best Practices are increasingly interrelated areas of our daily lives, of our heightened interest and awareness and the subject of ever increasing scholarly attention, focus and research. So we have decided to use the Blog platform of Flowleadership.org to collect and re-post some of the most interesting such news, ideas and concepts.

Here is the first one: What the Psychology of “Flow” Can Teach Us about Brand Storytelling

“Some recent scientific findings regarding Flow shed light on the depth of this emotional connection. …

Why? The researchers explain that the effects of flow mean that players are intrinsically motivated to pay attention to brands that fit seamlessly and prominently within a compelling story. They also point to the positive effect that an increase in focused attention in the flow state has on memory for a brand. Additionally, as flow produces a rather unique and powerful feeling of deep enjoyment and intrinsic satisfaction, that positive feeling gets transferred to in-game brands too, even ones with subtle placement.”