FLIGBY as a blended learning solution

FLIGBY is the official Leadership Development Program of Professor Csikszentmihalyi. But it can be far more than a serious game or learning experience on an individual level. In order to achieve better results, traditional training tools can be attached to the simulation. This helps to turn the individual learning process into a communal or group experience. It aims not only to enable players to share experiences but also to help the integration of a company’s preferred goals concerning leadership and organizational development.

Blended learning integrates the use of the internet with a rich variety of other approaches and technologies to create an integrated learning experience. (Bersin 2004)

The preferred blended learning program integrates seemingly contradictory approaches such as formal and informal learning, face-to-face and online experiences, directed paths and reliance on self-direction, and digital references and collegial connections, in order to achieve individual and organizational goals.

Blended learning is balanced learning. This balance is achieved by combining the advantages of two learning modalities, such as classroom instruction, with self-paced instruction that is delivered on the Internet. Blended learning captures the best of both worlds by allowing learners to pick and choose how they want to learn and allows greater flexibility and convenience about when they want to learn.


Blended Learning by giulia.forsythe (Flickr)


Other hand, FLIGBY’s blended program is the solution provider’s methodology closely connected to the simulation, which includes special trainings and workshops. Its role is to underline the message of the simulation in a personal way, to put it into a classical organization/leadership development context and to integrate it into other types of learning processes (such as coaching). FLIGBY’s solution provider network blends together the following learning tools:

  1. Simulation – A Serious Online Game
  2. Leadership Skill and Attitude developing workshops / trainings
  3. Individual and Team Coaching
  4. Management Leadership Competency Assessment (and re-assessment)

FLIGBY’s solution providers are not simple resellers but highly qualified experts. The solution provider combines its existing leadership training/consulting approach and experience with the FLIGBY online simulation. The blended program could offer a powerful and personalized learning space. With the help of this, the participants:

  • Will be a more pro-active and at the same time a more thoughtful leader
  • Will gain practical experience of planning and execution of change management processes
  • Will take part in business decision making more consciously
  • Will learn how to handle situations less structured and more difficult to see through
  • Will improve their motivation techniques and will recognize the drivers influencing the behavior/attitude of their colleagues
  • Will handle the workplace conflicts more effectively
  • Will be a more successful leader and participant of the team work
  • Will learn to use and apply the power of Flow for the benefit of the organization.